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6 Easy Steps To A Better Morning

BetterMorning3There are so many tips out there on ‘how to be a morning person’ and yada yada yada. This is not one of those. I’m not a morning person and chances are that I’ll never be one. I have 4 alarms set every morning and yet I somehow still manage to sleep in. But not being a morning person doesn’t mean I don’t like to start the day in the best possible way and I have found 6 super easy (and realistic!) steps to a better morning. Here’s what I do to leave the house with a smile: Continue Reading


A New Perspective

As you’re probably aware (maybe from my Alive And Well-post last week *hint hint*), I have just come back from a rather long blogging break. In that time, I wasn’t completely unplugged (because duh), but I was more or…


Alive And Well

Hi there. Yep, I’m still here. Probably a bit of a shocker, I know. I would have thought I’d quit blogging too. But NO. Nevaahh. (I heard Fred and George in my head just when I wrote that. Harry…


YouTuber Spotlight: Cherry Wallis

It’s no secret that I watch a lot of Youtube. A lot, a lot. And finding people around the world with the same interests as you is one of the best things, so maybe you can imagine my excitement when…


What The Heck Is Going On?

So… Long time, (almost) no see. Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but I have been completely neglecting my blog and all social media recently and for that, I’m sorry. At least I’m sorry for myself because I love…



One or two years ago, I bought a new pair of heels that I’ve never been able to wear because of one really annoying thing – they’re a teeny tiny bit too big (yes, very frustrating). Then, a few weeks ago,…


A Temporary Goodbye To The Dreams

Back in August last year, I got this BRILLIANT IDEA (or so I thought) about getting everyone to share their dreams and aspirations. I was feeling incredibly motivated to follow my own (I still do) and I really wanted…

Film & TV

My Favourite (Old) TV Shows

Like most other people, I LOVE watching TV shows and do it all the time (thank you Netflix), but it’s not an interest I’ve always had. When I was younger, I used to just watch whatever was on TV when I…


I Think I’m Doing Instagram Wrong

I love Instagram. I think it’s such a fun way to see what people get up to and then, you know… who doesn’t love a pretty picture? Now, I’m no Instagram expert and we all know it. I mean,…


Thoughts Of A Night Owl

You know what I’m not good at? Going to bed at a reasonable hour. And especially not now that I don’t even have a job to wake up to! I think I just like night time too much. I…